Why is Arctic Seals the business to help you?

- We manufacture the seals at our premises for quality assurance purposes
- We have one of the most extensive ranges of seal profiles within Australia
- We will not replace your seal if it is not broken. We will make adjustments for a small fee.
- We can post our seals anywhere throughout the world.
- We provide fast and high quality workmanship.
- We guarantee our work.
- We can provide/install single seals Ė you donít have to replace both seals at the same time.

We have two options available to you:

- Supply only
- Supply and Install

What else do we offer?

- Suppliers of hinges and door mechanisms
- Cool room door gasket profile by the meter or roll
- Antique fridge seal door repairs and replacement
- Commercial repairs to cabinet / hinge fixing points
- Replacement glass commercial doors
- Replacement handles
- Spare parts for miscellaneous commercial fridge components eg: metal shelve clips, light bulbs etc.


Trade Customers:

- We have wholesale prices for trade purchasers. Just contact us for a quote today.


How do I know if my seal needs replacing or adjusting?

- Does your seal sag when you open the door?
- Does your refrigerator/freezer not seal correctly?
- Do you have food spoiling, well before the use by date?
- Are your seals mouldy?
- Have your seals hardened over the years showing signs of being less pliable?
- Is your freezer not freezing, or freezing too much?

Or, you can call us for an obligation free quote!


Why should I replace or adjust my refrigerator seal?

A broken or ill fitting seal can result in the following problems:

- Your refrigerator/freezer will not reach the required temperature to keep your food fresh therefore, food spoils before the expiry date.
- The motor of your refrigerator/freezer has to work harder to keep the space cool. This can reduce the life of the motor and increase your electricity costs.
- An increase in electricity usage has a greater impact on the environment.


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